Frequently Asked Questions & Pricing

How many hours do I need?
It really does depend on the person. A standard of 50 driving lessons, which includes 5 night-time driving lessons, is required by the Department of Transport before you can sit your PDA. The best-case scenario is people learn everything within 10 driving lessons and then they continue with a supervising driver privately. Some need more driving lessons just to gain their confidence and skills.
Where is the best location to take my PDA?
All locations have their own pros and cons. I personally believe it is better to pass your PDA in a location in which you are likely to be living or working in, so that you are familiar with the area where you will be driving most often.
Do you recommend a driving instructor first or are private driving lessons (parents, siblings etc) acceptable?
I always believe it is better to learn from the professional first so that students can keep up the good habits they learn during their driving lessons with a driving instructor.
Where can I practise before my driving test?
There are many different places in which you can practise different aspects of the driving test. o Stop for a shop, which is also known as parking, should be practised in a busy car park such as Bunnings o Left something behind should be practised on a quiet suburban street o And finally, general driving should be practised on main roads and freeways so that you are accustomed to busy roads.
What do I need to know before my test?
For your test, you need a valid learner permit and to have: o Passed your Hazard Perception Test o Had 50 driving lessons, including 5 of which must be night-time driving lessons o Your logbook fully signed by a driving instructor or driving supervisor.

Automatic & Manual

1hr Driving Lesson – $65

2hr Driving Lesson – $130

PDA Automatic – $180 (Including one hour lesson)
 Collection 1 hours before the PDA’S Joondalup, Midland, Mirrabooka & West Perth centres

Kelmscott $260