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Why your driving teacher in Perth needs to be up-to-date!
Why your driving teacher in Perth needs to be up-to-date
  • Handle your vehicle in a safe and controlled manner
  • Manoeuvre traffic and busy roads
  • Be confident and calm behind the wheel
  • Reverse, park and merge lanes
  • Understand road rules and etiquette in Western Australia

Why your driving teacher in Perth needs to be up-to-date!

Today’s cars are pretty different from those 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. So, it makes sense that many techniques taught by driving teachers over the years are now outdated, irrelevant or simply no longer practised.

For instance, you have probably heard of holding hands at 10 and 2 – imagine your steering wheel as a big analogue clock. Taught by driving teachers for years – since the 1920s! – nowadays, with new vehicle technologies, many experts instead recommend 9 and 3, or even 7 and 4. These feel more natural, as the original 10 and 2 was introduced at a time before power steering. Plus, the position of modern airbags means that holding your hands at 10 and 2 can actually put them at risk of injury when it deploys.

Thinking of learning to drive a manual? Times have changed! Manual transmissions were once predominantly four-speed – so acceleration was achieved by starting in first gear, then going to second, third, and fourth sequentially.

However, with more powerful modern engines, skipping a gear in a manual vehicle is not only possible, it is also sometimes advantageous. For instance, at high revs, you may skip from second to fourth, or when braking, bring sixth back down to third or even second. It all depends on the situation and is one of the reasons professional driving lessons are important to learn how and when to shift gears safely.

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Similarly, it was once recommended by most driving teachers to take corners at a low speed in second gear. With bigger engines and more gears, often suburban corners can be safely navigated in third gear, resulting in a smoother turn and using less petrol in the process. It all depends on your vehicle and is something only the best driving teachers in Perth can help you understand.

If your driving teacher is up-to-date, you will be, too! It might even spark a passion and lead to a career in driving. There are many avenues you can take, including:

    • Courier
    • Delivery driver
    • Rideshare or taxi driver
    • Driving teacher

And countless more. Upgrading your licence to an HR, MC or HC will allow you to drive bigger vehicles, like trucks, and opens the door for a huge number of career options, for instance in the mining or transport and logistics industries.

Whatever you decide to do, at Euro Driving School, your success is our success. Want to find out more about outdated driving techniques, or what you can do once you have your licence?

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